Wire free in the CBD

26 March 2017

The first wire-free section of CBD track has been installed in George Street between Alfred and Bridge/Grosvenor Streets (zone two).

The wire-free section of light rail will be powered by a third rail which sits between the tracks through the city centre, from Circular Quay and through the pedestrianised zone from Hunter to Bathurst Street. Without poles and overhead wires the CBD’s historic buildings and pedestrian boulevarde will take pride of place.  For safety reasons, the third rail is only powered when the vehicle is directly over the rail.

Weekend intersection work is continuing in the city centre, including at the intersections of Bridge and Grosvenor Streets, and Hunter and Margaret Streets. After an extensive program of utilities work deep underground, track will be installed at the Bridge/Grosvenor intersection in April, connecting to the new zone two tracks.

The next CBD zones where construction will get underway are Circular Quay east of George Street (zone one), and Eddy Avenue between Pitt and Elizabeth Streets (zone 13). Notification will be provided to impacted stakeholders before work starts in these areas.