VIDEO: Tram testing underway in Surry Hills

11 June 2019

With tram testing underway in Surry Hills, it is important to note that hazard zones have been established where overhead wires are installed and energised for testing. If any works are planned in or near the hazard zone, a Permit to Work will be required and work activities may require a Person in Charge to oversee all activities and ensure everyone’s safety. To find out more about hazard zones and Permit to Work, visit the safety page on the website.

Tram testing reached a landmark moment overnight on 21 May with the first of many light rail vehicles rolling into the Central Station Chalmers Street stop.

The journey marked an important moment for the project – it’s the first time a tram travelled into Surry Hills through the Moore Park Tunnel and along Devonshire Street to Central.

Construction work is nearing end-state in Surry Hills. Visit our Library for more information about remaining works in the area.

Works at the Devonshire Street and Steel Street intersection, and Devonshire Street and Little Riley Street intersection, are nearing completion. Landscaping and tree planting are also in progress along Devonshire Street.

The pocket park at Holt Street is complete, while work on the Buckingham Street pocket park has started. Waterloo Street and High Holborn Street pocket parks are nearing completion.

Upcoming works in the zone include traffic light signal phasing as part of systems and tram night time testing at the Foveaux Street, Eddy Avenue and Elizabeth Street intersections. Finishing works on the retaining wall next to the Langton Centre and where the temporary pedestrian bridge was located are coming up.