VIDEO: First daytime tram on the Kensington line

8 November 2019

Trams are now running day and night along the entire CBD and South East Light Rail route with daytime testing starting on the Kensington and Kingsford line.

Up to 14 trams are being tested, seven days a week, on the 12-kilometre route.

A new pedestrian crossing has been installed outside UNSW and the National Institute of Dramatic Art to access the UNSW Anzac Parade light rail stop.

Pedestrians are reminded to ditch distractions, look both ways, always follow traffic signals and be aware the buttons on both sides of Anzac Parade need to be activated to cross the north and southbound lanes at the crossing.

Drivers must not queue across intersections and always follow traffic signals. Cyclists are not permitted to ride along the tram tracks. When crossing, cyclists are reminded to ride across tram tracks at an angle to avoid bike wheels getting caught in the tracks, taking extra care at intersections.

Testing will continue until services along the Kensington and Kingsford line begin next year.