Tram testing reaches new milestone

30 November 2018

Light rail tram testing in Randwick has been extended to Wansey Road with regular night testing occurring during November.

This is the first testing conducted through an intersection and is putting the traffic signals phasing at Darley and Alison Road through their paces to ensure a good balance of movements for motorists, buses, pedestrians, cyclists and the light rail vehicle.

Transport for NSW Coordinator General Marg Prendergast encouraged people travelling along Wansey Road and near the Darley and Alison Road intersection to keep an eye out for changes in the area during this important phase of vehicle testing.

“Customer safety is our number one priority, if you are in this area after 9pm, whether you’re a motorist, pedestrian or cyclist, be alert as road conditions may have changed,” she said.

“This is the first time fencing along the tracks is removed and people have direct access to the tracks, so please be careful.

“We remind anyone travelling after 9pm along Wansey Road and near the Darley and Alison Road intersection to be alert and remember that road conditions may have changed.”

Testing has been occurring over a number of nights during November between 10pm and 4am.

In conjunction with this testing phase, Transport for NSW is urging pedestrians, cyclists and road users to be aware around the new trams.

If you are travelling after 9pm, please be on the look out for trams and remember:

• Road conditions may have changed

• Trams cannot stop easily or quickly

• Pedestrians should look out before they step out

• Cyclists are not permitted to ride in tram lanes

There are currently 14 CSELR vehicles in Australia; by mid-2019 there will be 60 vehicles at the Randwick Stabling Yard.

The Randwick Stabling Yard will have 20,000 square metres for the fleet to be stored, the operations for both the CBD and South East and Inner West Light rail will be controlled from the yard.

Visit the safety page for more information.