Traffic Changes to High Street for Light Rail

30 April 2019

High Street, Randwick and the Hospital and Education precinct are now at a really important stage for the CBD and South East Light Rail project with the final traffic conditions in place and ready for daytime tram testing.

These traffic changes are now in effect:

  • Motorists are no longer able to turn right from High Street westbound, into Botany Street northbound.
  • Traffic between Clara Street and Botany Road is travelling on the southern side of High Street.
  • Traffic on Wansey Road between Arthur Street and Alison Road is two-way.
  • All traffic lights on High Street are on working in the final phasing.

Access to the hospital emergency departments will be maintained at all times. We ask everyone to be mindful of new the road conditions and to follow traffic signals - “be aware there is a tram there.”

New traffic signals will move vehicles and pedestrians safely out of the hospitals and onto High Street over the tram tracks with traffic controllers in place for approximately two weeks as hospital staff and visitors get used to the new traffic arrangements.

Click here to download map of traffic changes.