Tourism & Transport Forum calls on Sydney to support light rail

27 October 2015

Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) Chief Executive Margy Osmond has urged Sydneysiders to embrace the opportunities provided by the construction of the CBD and South East Light Rail.

“The main thoroughfare of the CBD – George Street – is taking the first steps on a transformation that will enhance Sydney as a modern, global city,” Ms Osmond said.

“A change which is for the better with a cleaner and more attractive light rail replacing the endless queues of buses.

“There will obviously be challenges during the construction period, but once completed this will be an iconic piece of transport infrastructure that will improve the experience for commuters and visitors alike.

“In the meantime, we have an opportunity to use the construction of the light rail to activate the CBD in a way we’ve never before seen.

“The Christmas activation planned around the initial construction sites will turn the light rail construction into a unique and positive experience for anyone visiting the heart of the Sydney CBD.”

The CBD and South East Light Rail, which opens to customers in 2019, will link Circular Quay, via George Street and Central Station, with Randwick and Kingsford. Construction also includes the establishment of a one-kilometre pedestrian zone between Hunter and Bathurst streets.

“This is a project that will have generations of Sydneysiders starting their stories with ‘I remember when the light rail was built…’ – let’s make it a positive memory by embracing this change and welcoming it to Sydney,” Ms Osmond said.