Pivotal moment for Randwick

6 March 2018

Light rail reached an exciting milestone in February with the first tram undergoing testing on Alison Road. It was a pivotal moment and an exciting glimpse into the future of light rail in Randwick.

In the initial phases, testing of the light rail vehicles will be carried out at night and at low speeds, before progressing to daytime testing in the coming months.

With all track complete on Alison Road between Anzac Parade and Wansey Road, and poles and wires installed, the focus of activity in these zones will be testing and commissioning of the systems and light rail vehicles.

In Zone 24, Alison Road between Darley and Wansey Roads, finishing work will focus on fencing, landscaping, traffic signals and footpath upgrades.

In Zone 25, Wansey Road, track slab construction is ongoing with rail deliveries and track pours carried out regularly during February.

Crews also reached the completion of overhead utilities on Wansey Road during February, which was a great achievement.

Looking ahead, work will focus on the completion of the electrical road crossing, and the cable haul for telecommunication assets.