Paving and smartpoles for the CBD

28 February 2019

All 19 stops along the CBD and South East Light Rail route are now under construction, and you can watch their progress on our new interactive map on the website.

Systems fit-out, energisation and testing and commissioning is also underway along the alignment. Overhead wires have now been installed in Randwick, Moore Park and Surry Hills, remember to look up and stay safe! Systems and tram testing is also underway so be aware, there’s a tram there. To find out more about staying safe around trams and around the rail corridor, visit the safety page on the website.


February in CBD North has been all about finishing works such as paving, kerb and guttering and smartpole and street furniture installation. In CBD South the focus is on road reinstatement and guttering. Here’s what’s happening in each zone.

In zones 1 and 2, underground cable works to connect the Circular Quay substation to George Street are progressing. Street furniture and smartpoles are being installed in zone 1 and paving is nearing completion.

Smartpole and street furniture installation in zone 3 has now wrapped up on the eastern side of George Street, while paving finishing works are progressing in zones 4, 5 and 6.  

In zone 7, the last pavers on the western side of George Street have been laid and crews are now working on the eastern side.

Kerb works and installation of the last remaining smartpoles is progressing in zone 8, while road asphalting and reinstatement works are now finished in zone 8 and 9. 

In zone 10, road asphalting work is moving along and smartpole installation is nearing completion.

Systems cabling work in zone 11, paving in zone 12 and kerb works on the eastern side of zone 13 and paving are all progressing.

Coming up in the precinct, crews will be working on paving, underground cable installation, and systems fit-out of the Circular Quay, Bridge Street, Wynyard, QVB, Town Hall and Haymarket light rail stops. The steel frame has been installed at the Chinatown Light Rail Stop.