Overhead wires installation to extend into Moore Park and Surry Hills

13 November 2018

Moore Park residents will see the CBD and South East Light Rail project head towards a new and exciting phase with the installation of overhead wires that will power the trams being installed along Anzac Parade between Lang Road and South Dowling Street. 

Overhead wires will then be installed in Surry Hills from South Dowling to Central from late 2018 to early 2019. Once installed, testing and commissioning of light rail vehicles and systems can be extended to this zone in early 2019.

The installation of overhead wires is the first step of the testing and commissioning phase, moving the project one step closer to tram testing.

Construction of the pedestrian bridge near the Moore Park light rail stop is progressing with work on the columns underway.

There has been progress on the Moore Park and Surry Hills light rail stops, with the steel structure installed.

Tramway Oval reinstatement is progressing in Moore Park West, with the temporary pedestrian diversion now closed. Pedestrians can now use the footpath along Anzac Parade, between Tibby Cotter Bridge and Sydney Boys High School.

Twelve light rail vehicles are now taking up residence at the Randwick Stabling Yard and more will continue to arrive in the coming months for testing along the light rail route.  8,771 metres of track (100 % complete) is now installed in Surry Hills and Moore Park areas.

While this is an exciting phase of the project, it is a reminder to stay safe and be aware of changes in the area. Newly installed wires should be treated as live as they will be energised soon.

Ensure you keep a safe distance and never come into contact with them, and remember to look up and stay safe!

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