New light rail vehicle arrives

4 June 2018

Another Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) has arrived and will undergo testing and commissioning at night. More LRVs will arrive next month with continued night time testing and commissioning expected to occur in the coming weeks.

Crews have been making progress on the final stage of drainage works at the entrance to the Stabling Yard on Doncaster Avenue. Upcoming works include night works on power poles and lines.

Concrete works for the rain garden have been completed in zone 24, at the corner of Alison Road and Prince Street, and stormwater works in zone 25 from Alison Road to Australian Turf Club (ATC) Gate 11. An access ramp and installation of a new gate 10 for the ATC are also finished.

Landscaping on Wansey Road between Alison Road and ATC Gate 10 has started and upcoming work includes the installation of a long safety fence on top of the retaining wall. New street lighting, footpath and access ramp upgrades at the corner of Alison Road and the George Dan Reserve are also being worked on. Kerb works on Wansey Road between Arthur Street and Alison Road and continued work on the new shared path are also scheduled, with 200 metres of the 500 metres of this new path already completed.

In High Street, utility works are now completed on the watermain relocation between Clara and Avoca Streets. Work on the northern High Street footpath is progressing and construction of the UNSW end-state footpath and Gate 9 access point are underway. With the installation of conduits complete, construction of the scissor crossing has started, and track is being laid. The scissor crossing will allow the tram to move from one side of the road to the other so that it can travel in the opposite direction.

Construction of the Randwick Light Rail Stop between Wansey Road and Botany Street has also commenced. Upcoming work includes the start of piling for smart poles, and driveways are progressively being handed back to residents and stakeholders as works wrap up.

With the substation internal fit-out now completed and surface work above the substation progressing in zone 27, High Cross Park, cabling is now due to start. These cables will run from the substation to the newly relocated kiosks in the zone.