Making way for change in Kingsford and Kensington

1 February 2018

With track in place from Todman Avenue all the way to the Nine Ways intersection, some new traffic changes will soon be implemented to allow track to be installed between Tay and Todman Avenues.

Lane changes will be implemented in mid-February on Anzac Parade between Dacey and Todman Avenues. Please follow signage and drive to conditions in the area.

At the other end of Anzac Parade in Zone 31, south of Rainbow Street, there will be some changes to the work site to make way for track construction.

All traffic movements will be maintained with some lane changes. This will allow track work to get underway during February as we work towards construction of the new light rail terminus.

In this area, construction of the new substation that will help power the light rail is also underway.

In Zone 29, Anzac Parade between Todman Avenue and High Street, new traffic arrangements are now in place and barriers have moved to the kerbside.

This change will enable work to continue to underground the electrical and communications networks, and to replace old overhead wire poles with new smart poles.

Stormwater construction, kerb widening and road and footpath restoration work will also be carried out as part of kerbside works.