Making tracks in Randwick

28 June 2018

This month saw the completion of roadworks to connect the entrance of the Randwick Stabling Yard to Doncaster Avenue, and landscaping works. Testing and commissioning of the recently arrived light rail vehicle will continue ahead of more vehicle deliveries scheduled for July.

Substantial works are complete along Alison Road between Darley Road and Wansey Road. This includes completion of concrete works, while landscaping is almost finished on the northern side of the road. Footpaths have been upgraded at the Alison Road / Wansey Road / Prince Street intersection.

On Wansey Road, between Alison Road and High Street, poles have now been installed and are ready to be cabled. 

In zone 25, crews are preparing to install street lighting on Wansey Road and work on the shared footpath and cycleway between Arthur Street and Alison Road is close to wrapping up.

Ground preparation works for UNSW High Street light rail stop in zone 25 and Randwick light rail stop in zone 26 are progressing ahead of drainage and steel form works starting in coming weeks.

The team is progressively installing double track in zone 26, High Street between Wansey Road and Avoca Street, with only 250m left. Further reconfigurations of traffic flow along Clara Street will allow the team to progress construction across the intersection and still maintain access into High Street.

A series of weekend shutdowns and night works have started in zone 26 at the Avoca and High Street intersection to enable critical infrastructure to be installed across the roads and into Belmore Road to connect with the substation in High Cross Park.

The relocation of the watermain along High Street was successfully completed and cutover. This is where a new pipe is installed before flow to the old pipe is stopped, allowing the new pipe to be connected to the system and flow reinstated with minimal downtime.

The relocation of telecommunication utilities in zone 26 is nearing completion with only final cable hauls and cutovers to the new services taking place in the coming weeks. High and low voltage network relocation works have started in High Street and will continue over the coming months.

In zone 27, High Cross Park, pouring for piling and foundations has started in High Street with six piles now completed. This work will progressively continue in the coming months to install the remaining 23 piles. Structural work is now complete on the High Cross Park substation, with plaza sub construction and installation of plaza furniture now underway.