Lilyfield Maintenance Depot construction update

30 October 2018

Construction of the Lilyfield Light Rail Heavy Maintenance Depot building is progressing with more than 73 per cent (812m) of the track now laid.

When the depot is operational, it will be the first time light rail vehicles are housed in part of the former Rozelle Rail Yards site, through which the Old Goods Line (freight train line) ran.

The yard will house facilities needed to service and maintain the light rail vehicles and will also include facilities for light rail drivers.

Up to six light rail vehicles can be serviced at any one time at the depot for heavy maintenance works, such as wheel repairs and replacements, as well as structural or mechanical repairs.

Construction of the maintenance building is underway, with concrete, structural steel work, roof installation and systems fit-out progressing. Upcoming work in the depot will include installing poles for the overhead wiring which will power the light rail and footpath restoration.

More than 1,100 metres of track will be installed in the depot, including 115 metres of Aesthetic Power Supply (APS) or “third rail” test track. The third rail eliminates the need for overhead power supply and will run through the CBD between Circular Quay and Bathurst Streets.

A substation at Lilyfield has also been built and was energised in August.

ALTRAC Light Rail’s fleet of 60 new light rail vehicles will be housed in the Randwick Stabling Yard where they will return each night after a day’s service and undergo light maintenance works such as cleaning, sandbox servicing and vehicle inspections.

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