Kingsford and Kensington progress

3 January 2018

The final installation for ArtMoves, ‘Surprise Dumplings’, is now in place on Borrodale Road in Kingsford.

ArtMoves has transformed sites along the light rail route in Kingsford and Kensington and installations can be found at Southern Cross Close, Borrowdale Road, Strachan Street, Addison Street and Duke Street in Kingsford and Kensington.

On Anzac Parade, track is now in place from Todman Avenue to the Nine Ways intersection. This is a significant achievement which involved almost 50 traffic lane changes during the course of construction, to ensure traffic flow was maintained while crews got on with the job of building the light rail.

There has been no work on Anzac Parade between Tay Street and the Nine Ways intersection during the Christmas and New Year period and the shutdown of work will be in place in this area until Sunday 7 January.

To ensure smooth traffic flows over this period, new traffic arrangements were introduced in Zone 28, Anzac Parade between Dacey Avenue and Todman Avenue, from 15 December. Traffic was returned to two lanes northbound and two lanes southbound, with no lane separation. These traffic arrangements will now remain in place until mid-February.

During December, barriers were moved to the kerb line on Anzac Parade between Todman Avenue and High Street in Kensington. This will enable undergrounding of the electrical and communications networks, and the replacement of the old overhead wire poles with new smart poles for Anzac Parade. Work will also include construction of stormwater drainage and kerb widening and restoration work.