Kingsford and Kensington construction update

28 June 2018

The compound site in zone 28, Anzac Parade between Dacey Avenue and Todman Avenue, will be moved to the eastern and western kerbs at the start of July. This will enable kerbside works including undergrounding power and telecommunications services, kerb widening, drainage, installation of footings for new smart poles and restoration of footpaths. This set up will remain in place for the next six months.

Drainage works in zone 28, between Abbotford and Goodwood Streets, are nearing completion. This will enable a traffic switch to start work on the ES Marks light rail stop in the coming months.

Construction is now complete on the base of the Kensington light rail stop in zone 29, Anzac Parade between Todman Avenue and High Street. The team will now focus on the footings, platform slab and drainage works. Paving and landscaping works will begin soon as works progress in zone 29.

Work on the eastern and western side of the UNSW bus layover is progressing in zone 30.1, Anzac Parade between High Street and Barker Street. The completion of this work will allow crews to start on the UNSW Anzac Parade light rail stop outside NIDA – a significant milestone for the precinct. The first concrete pour for the new footpath around the Tyree Building will mean that pedestrians will soon be able to return to the area.  

Work is now underway for the installation of track at the Kingsford Terminus in zone 31 ahead of the construction of the Nine Ways light rail stop.