Kensington and Kingsford construction

28 October 2018

Kerb, driveways and footpath restorations are the focus in zone 28 with these finishing works underway on the western Anzac Parade from Abbotford Street to Goodwood Street. Piling for new smartpoles will progress as old poles will start to be decommissioned between Tay Lane and Goodwood Street but will remain in place for some time to provide street lighting. Stormwater works are progressing from Todman Avenue to Bowral Street. The zone also had a traffic switch this month to facilitate the construction of ES Marks light rail stop, located south of Carlton Street on Anzac Parade. Works include installation of conduit service pits and drainage ahead of platform slab concrete pours next month.

Zone 29 also had a traffic switch that allowed the work site to progress kerb and footpath restoration from Darling Street to Todman Avenue. The switch will also enable upcoming work on drainage installation between Doncaster Avenue and High Street. Other upcoming work includes decommissioning and removal of some old poles.

Kerb, road and footpath restoration works are the focus in zone 30 as work to restore the footpath on the western side in front of NIDA progresses. The traffic switch also saw work progress on the UNSW Anzac Parade light rail stop, located south of High Street. Work on the stop includes installation of conduit service pits and drainage. Upcoming work includes stormwater installation across Day Avenue on the western side of Anzac Parade, and to Barker Street on the eastern side.

Systems cabling installation involving laying conduits at the Kingsford light rail stop and traction power cables is progressing. Conduits in pits for the installation of overhead cabling system are being laid in the zone. Property connections to upgraded Ausgrid systems is continuing. Upcoming work in the zone includes piling for smartpoles and the relocation of the watermain around Harbourne Lane.

The team in zone 31 are focussing on drainage work around Nine Ways and the construction of kerbs and median strips within the terminus. Upcoming work includes progressing piling for the installation of smartpoles, installation of the bike shed retaining wall and the final concrete pour for track slab across Wallace Lane. Property connections to upgraded Ausgrid systems is also continuing. 

Did you know there are a range of fact sheets about the project available on the website about topics such as the Small Business Assistance Program, the light rail vehicles, smartpoles and the benefits of light rail. Visit the light rail library to access this information and much more.