July in the CBD

5 August 2019

July was a busy month for light rail with construction forging ahead on important works along the alignment, and tram testing well underway.

Night tram testing is underway in the CBD, even resulting in a day appearance by a coupled set at the Town Hall stop early in the month, followed by a visit to the Circular Quay stop at the end of July.

Teams have now energised the APS, or third rail, in CBD North from the Town Hall stop to the Circular Quay stop. This means systems and tram testing is getting underway at night before expanding to testing and then driver training during the day.

All traffic lights are installed and working to end-state conditions in CBD North and South. Testing of phasing is now underway. Traffic conditions may have changed - so be aware of changed traffic signals and street signs in the area.

Work at the Alfred and George Street intersection in zone 2 is close to completion. Jamison Street, Bond Street and northbound lanes on George Street in zone 3 reopened during July. Jamison Street also returned to being a one-way only street between George and York Streets. There are also local traffic changes in zone 4 with the introduction of left turn only to exit De Mestre Place onto George Street into King Street from 17 July. Works at the Hunter and Margaret Streets intersection are also progressing.

In zone 6, teams are working to finish the kerb and paving near the QVB stop.

In zone 10, the southbound lane on George Street from Campbell Street to Railway Square reopened from 28 July. Drivers will only be able to turn left onto George Street southbound from Campbell Street. Pedestrians are urged to look up from their mobile phones and be aware of the changed traffic conditions – Heads up! Play it safe around light rail.

Footpath restoration works are progressing in zone 12. In zone 13, teams are focussed on bike lane construction and completing works at the Eddy Avenue pedestrian crossing.

Upcoming works in the precinct include completing finishing works and expanding tram testing and commissioning and driver training.