Heads Up in the CBD

4 November 2019

If you’re walking, driving or riding a bike near the light rail tracks, please be aware the number of trams is increasing across the alignment as tram testing gears up ahead of passenger services starting in December. Trams will start running frequently through the CBD in mid-November, simulating the timetable for passenger services. It’s crucial people moving in and around the alignment remember to look up and are aware of their surroundings – Heads Up! Play it Safe around Light Rail.

Finishing works are progressing across the CBD with localised paving, tree pit protections and planting being completed. Work at the pedestrian crossing on Eddy Avenue is now complete.

Repairs at the Hunter and Margaret Streets intersection are progressing following a burst water main in August. Work has commenced on the stormwater system at Bathurst Street and construction works at the Barlow Street intersection are also underway.