Footpath work forging ahead

1 February 2018

Crews are making progress in Randwick, with finishing works coming together well. Over 800m of new footpath adjacent to Randwick Racecourse is now in place. The shared path between Darley and Wansey Roads is also substantially complete, and roadside kerb and pavement works along the light rail corridor are also in place.

The next steps in this area are to implement the final road alignment on Alison Road between Darley Road and Botany Street, including end-state traffic signals and signage. New trees and landscaping will also be added to the light rail corridor, and a new fence along the Randwick Racecourse boundary.

On Wansey Road, progress on excavation for the retaining wall means there will be a reduction in dust and vibration in the area. The combined services route that will run under the light rail tracks is now in place, as is the track base slab. Track installation will continue throughout February and over the coming months.

High Street was closed to traffic between Wansey Road and Botany Street on Friday 12 January. This closure will allow a series of critical utilities works to be carried out daily between 6am and 10pm (Monday to Sunday) through to 5am Monday 26 February. Traffic is diverted via Arthur Street, and Wansey Road is open to traffic in both directions between Arthur and High Streets. Access for local residents and emergency services is being maintained at all times.

On High Street between Clara and Avoca Streets, the construction compound has now moved to the northern side of the road. Driveway access and access to businesses will be maintained.

In High Cross Park, structural work on the new underground substation is complete, and it is now being fitted out with services. Construction of the geothermal cooling wells that will cool the substation has commenced, requiring the worksite to be temporarily expanded. The park will be reinstated for public use at the completion of construction.