First wires for Moore Park

31 October 2017

The first wires started going up in Moore Park last week, on Anzac Parade between Lang and Alison Roads. Wires have also been installed in the Randwick Stabling Yard and on Alison Road between Anzac Parade and Wansey Road. Track installation in this section was completed during October.

This is an important step towards the testing and commissioning phase of the project. Installation of the wires will be followed by energisation, and then by testing of the first light rail vehicle in the coming months. For more information about testing and commissioning, visit the Safety page.

Crews are currently working towards the challenging task of installing light rail tracks through the intersection of Anzac Parade, Alison Road and Dacey Avenue. Preparation is underway to shift the three southbound lanes of Anzac Parade to the east, allowing access to the middle of Anzac Parade without disruption to traffic.

This intersection is the point at which light rail services will diverge, with some services continuing alongside Centennial Park towards Randwick, while others will move to the centre of Anzac Parade to travel through Kensington and on to Kingsford.