Christmas coming to the CBD

30 November 2017

Christmas is coming early to Zones 5 and 6, on George Street between King and Park Streets, with barriers in this area starting to come down.

These zones will be the first along the alignment to see the completion of civil construction, just in time for the busy Christmas shopping season in the CBD.

Finishing touches are now being added to these zones, with the installation of smart poles and street furniture, as the new pedestrian boulevard comes to life.

Some hoarding will remain around the new stop outside the QVB, which is still under construction.

Crews will be back in January to add the very final finishing touches to these zones.

With the construction barriers removed, new Christmas lights will be coming to George Street in early December.

This year’s activities will involve a series of gigantic Christmas garlands with more than 5000 sparkly, glowing lights suspended above George Street.

More track has been installed in the CBD during November, with new track now in place on George Street in Zones 4 (between Hunter and King Streets), 9 (between Liverpool and Goulburn Streets), 10 (Goulburn and Hay Streets) and 13 (Eddy Avenue between Pitt and Elizabeth Streets).

Crews have been busy working in some major CBD intersections, working over weekends to minimise disruption to traffic.

During November work has been carried out at the intersections of Bridge and Grosvenor Streets, George and Hay Streets, George and King Streets, and the first full weekend shutdown of George and Market Street intersection was completed.

Additional closures of the Market Street intersection will be required during January and February due to the complex nature of this intersection, which sits directly over the pedestrian arcade.

Stakeholders will be notified in advance of any further intersection closures.