CBD tram testing

8 July 2019

Light rail marked a historic moment in the CBD with the first tram in 61 years travelling up George Street to Town Hall as part of night time tram testing.

Overnight on 24 June, a new tram made its way from Randwick, past Central Station and along part of George Street, before stopping briefly at the Town Hall light rail stop for the first time.

With testing now moving into the CBD at night, it’s important to be aware of trams and obey traffic signals – Heads Up! Play it safe around Light Rail.

Whether you’re walking or riding your bike, avoid distractions and cross the tram tracks safely. Drivers should be aware that road conditions have changed and to follow traffic signals.

Works progressing in CBD zones include smartpole adjustments, installation of delineation kerb and, paving finishing works.

Upcoming works include installing underground cables, non-potable water in zone 5, re-levelling works in zone 6, footpath paving and public domain works in zone 11, footpath restoration works in zone 12 and, Eddy Avenue pedestrian crossing works and bike lane reconstruction in zone 13. All work will be done outside tram testing times.