CBD progress update

1 May 2019

Systems fit-out, energisation and day and night tram testing and commissioning are forging ahead along the alignment.
Overhead wires have now been installed in Randwick, Moore Park, Surry Hills and CBD South - remember to look up and stay safe!
Systems and tram testing is underway too, so be aware, there’s a tram there. To find out more about staying safe around trams and the rail corridor, visit our safety page.


Overhead wires have been installed from Eddy Avenue, along Rawson Place and George Street, up to Hay Street. Crews are now preparing to install the remaining overhead wires between Hay Street and Bathurst Street.

Paving in zone 1 is progressing to end state at the intersections of Alfred Street and Pitt Street, and Alfred Street and Loftus Street. Paving is also wrapping up at the Circular Quay Light Rail Stop.

Underground cable pulling for systems fit-out is underway in zone 2. Teams are working towards wrapping up much of the road and kerb works, as well as paving and tree planting.

Crews are making progress on the Bridge Street Light Rail Stop in zone 3 with systems fit-out now underway. Smartpole installation is progressing in this zone. New trees have been planted at the intersection of Grosvenor Street and George Street.

Paving is nearing completion at the Wynyard Light Rail Stop in zone 4. Paving is also moving ahead on the western and eastern footpaths, while cable pulling and systems fit-out continues.

In zone 5, teams are finalising all works to end state ahead of systems testing. In zone 6, teams working on the QVB Light Rail Stop have completed cabinet and canopy installation.

Stormwater works are being finalised in zone 7. Paving is nearing end state as work on the Town Hall Light Rail Stop progresses with systems fit-out underway.

Zone 8 is nearing end state with paving at the Wilmot Street and George Street intersection, and Central Street and George Street intersection, close to completion. Trees are being planted in the zone and street furniture is being installed. Zone 9 is also near end state conditions, with the kerb work being installed within the road to delineate trams and general traffic.

Teams in zone 10 are focussed on progressing the construction of Chinatown Light Rail Stop. All smartpoles have been installed and roadworks and asphalting have been completed.

Works completed in zone 11 include paving, smartpole installation and drainage works. In zone 12, paving on the northern footpath has been completed as the Rawson Place Light Rail Stop nears completion.

In zone 13, the pedestrian island, paving and eastern side kerb works have been completed.

Upcoming works in the precinct include completing overhead wire installation between Bathurst Street and Hay Street, finalising paving works, tree planting and installing street furniture. Systems fit-out works are also the focus in the precinct.