CBD progress update

4 April 2018

Crews are continuing to make progress in the CBD where 3.5km of track has now been installed.

Weekend works have progressed at the intersection of Bridge and Grosvenor Streets with the installation of conduits, preparations for smart pole footings and kerb works.

At the Market Street intersection, weekend works enabled the team to pour the sub base layer of track, install waterproofing and undertake investigation for smart pole placements. Tracks were installed over the intersection during the Easter weekend works.

Ahead of the traffic switch in Zones 8 and 9 on George Street between Bathurst and Goulburn Streets, which involved shifting the construction compound to the western side, the focus was on ensuring residents and businesses in the area were aware of the change ahead of time through extensive stakeholder engagement.

By the end of Easter, more than 90 per cent of track was complete in Zone 8 on George Street between Liverpool and Bathurst Streets, and Zone 13 on Eddy Avenue between Pitt Street and Elizabeth Street.