CBD progress

29 October 2018

Track installation in zone 1 is nearing completion with less than 50m of track left to be laid. Construction is continuing on the Circular Quay light rail stop with concrete to be installed, giving the stop its final shape.

With paving nearing completion in zone 2, barriers will start to be reduced. The team are also focussed on completing works at the southern end of the zone to remove barriers between Essex Street and Dalley Street later this month.  Upcoming work includes finishing works at the Alfred Street and George Street intersection, as well as cabling to connect the Circular Quay substation through this intersection to the track.

The first concrete pour for the Bridge Street light rail stop took place this month in zone 3. The team in this zone are also focussed on smartpole investigation and installation, kerb footings and pavement reinstatement, and progressing track installation from Jamison Street to Bond Street.

Paving is progressing in zone 4, and work on the Wynyard light rail stop continues with concrete pours to build the platforms. The full intersection closure of Market and George Streets over the October long weekend allowed the team to install two conduit pits and work on stormwater pits. The team also reinstated the kerb on the side of the intersection closest to the Swissotel Hotel.

Paving work within the compound in zone 7 is progressing on the western side. This month, the team are preparing to work on the pedestrian walkway as finishing works get underway.

Zone 8 has seen a compound switch to the eastern side to facilitate smartpole investigation and installation works. The team will also focus on finishing works such as reinstating the kerb and guttering.

The team has now completed a traffic switch in zone 10 to the eastern side to facilitate smartpole investigation and installation.

Pavement restoration works are underway in zone 11 at the intersection of Rawson Place and George Street.

Work on the Rawson Place light rail stop in zone 12 is underway with the first concrete pour taking place this month.

Smartpole investigation and installation is continuing in zone 13.