Local Access Plan

The End-State Local Access Plans (LAPs) have been developed to describe how local access may have changed in your local area as a result of constructing the Sydney Light Rail. The Plans include information about traffic conditions including road signage and the provision of parking and loading zones.

The LAPs have been developed in consultation with affected parties over the past two years, including utility providers, councils and other key stakeholders. In some instances this consultation may have informed changes to the end-state designs.

As part of the project planning conditions, the project must consult with stakeholders who may be impacted by local access changes. This is an opportunity to provide constructive feedback to the project team prior to implementing final end-state changes.

The LAP for each construction zone will be made publicly available for two weeks in which time we will be accepting formal feedback. The team will also host two drop-in information sessions in each precinct where you will have an opportunity to speak with members of the project team about the LAPs. This information will be provided ahead of the consultation period commencing.