The CBD and South East Light Rail has been designed to ensure that it is sensitive to important heritage landmarks and items, and that construction of the project was undertaken in a way that minimises impacts.  

A number of significant heritage items have been avoided during the design of the CBD and South East Light Rail, including the Tank Stream Fountain in Alfred Street and First Fleet Park.

Consultation was carried out with qualified heritage specialists, local councils, the Office of Environment and Heritage, and Aboriginal groups during design of the project. Potential impacts to both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal heritage were assessed through the environmental assessment process. The findings of these assessments are included in the CBD and South East Light Rail Environmental Impact Statement. Impacts to heritage have been approved under Part 5.1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (1979).

How we manage heritage

Heritage has been managed during construction of the project through implementation of Construction Heritage Management Plans, which are accessible via our Library.

Measures to minimise and avoid impacts to heritage included:

  • Grouping new utility services together and placing them in existing services trenches to minimise excavation;
  • Protection measures such as exclusion fencing in construction areas close to sensitive heritage items
  • Heritage inductions for all construction personnel to guide workers in the event that archaeological material is uncovered and;
  • Salvage and archival recording of heritage items where impacts cannot be avoided.