Moore Park work ramps up

26 March 2017

The new light rail tunnel will soon disappear from view as it is back-filled with earth – the first step to restoring the Moore Park playing fields later in the year.  

With the roof in place on the cut-and-cover tunnel, work is now underway to cover the tunnel over. This will allow some amendments to the pedestrian path before work starts to connect the tunnel to the Eastern Distributor Bridge.

On the other side of Moore Park, work is underway to restore Anzac Parade to its original alignment. In this section, the tunnel walls and roof have been installed and Anzac Parade will be reconstructed over the tunnel roof, allowing traffic to return to the original alignment in the coming weeks before excavation of the tunnel begins. The tunnel was constructed under the roadway in this way to minimise disruption to traffic on Anzac Parade, by allowing original road conditions to be restored sooner.

Work will be taking place on South Dowling Street and in Moore Park West adjacent to the construction compound over the Easter school holidays. Working over the holidays allows us to get more work down while traffic volumes are traditionally lower, minimising disruptions for the community.