Lilyfield depot update

29 August 2016

The transfer of materials excavated from CBD and Moore Park construction zones to the new Lilyfield light rail maintenance depot site is nearly complete.

Making use of fill from other construction sites is an important sustainability initiative for the CBD and South East Light Rail. The fill has been used to raise the ground level to ensure that the maintenance depot, including the car park, is above the flood zone. This will not impact the proposed height of the building, which will be within 10.5 metres of the existing ground level.

Construction on the new buildings is expected to start by October. Residents and local businesses will be informed before the next phase of construction starts.

Preparatory work for the depot, adjacent to Lilyfield Road and Catherine Street, began in April with site establishment and demolition work. When complete, the new facility will be used by light rail drivers as well as maintenance facility operators to repair and service light rail vehicles.