Updated tree report now available

19 April 2016

A revised report detailing impacts on trees in and around the light rail construction zone is now available.

The Arboricultural Impact Assessment, otherwise known as the Tree Report, identifies impacts on trees and vegetation in and around all CBD and South East Light Rail construction zones and recommends measures to avoid the removal of trees and minimise impact to existing trees.

As the design of the project progresses and more detail becomes available, this report is updated to reflect what, if any, impact the project will have on each tree.

Revision 6a of the Tree Report includes updates for any impacts to trees in the Randwick Precinct – on Anzac Parade, Alison Road, Wansey Road and the Randwick Stabling Yard.

The area covered by the report hasn’t changed. High Street and High Cross Park have not been included in these documents (Rev 4 and Rev 6a) as we are developing detailed designs on the relocation of the Randwick terminus from High Cross Park to High Street (planning approval granted 19 April 2016). Subsequent revisions of the Tree Report will document the changes to tree impact at those locations.

Changes from the previous report include:

  • 23 trees that were previously marked to be removed will now be retained. These trees are London Plane trees on Alison Road, between Darley Road and Prince Street. We have been able to retain these trees in place due to changes to utility design.
  • Three trees that were previously marked to be retained have now been revised as trees that are going to be removed. This is a result of investigating the impact of either their root ball into the areas required for building the light rail track or their canopy into the area occupied by overhead wiring and passing vehicles.
  • Four trees that were previously marked to be retained have now been revised as trees that are now going to be transplanted to a new location. These are Kauri pines on Alison Road. They will join 38 other Kauri pines from the same grove that are already being tended to in a nursery ahead of replanting following construction.

The result is that of the trees assessed in Revision 4 of the Tree Report, we have reduced the removal impact by 20 and the overall impact (either removal or relocation) by 16. This is a direct result of Transport for NSW and ALTRAC Light Rail teams working tree-by-tree to minimise impacts.

Separately, Revision 6a of the Tree Report also introduced a greater level of detail through further on the ground surveying by the project arborist. As a result, we were able to refine our data to either remove trees that appeared in earlier maps but are not present or include trees not previously identified as within the project boundary. This greater detail found:

  • 15 trees that were not previously identified will require removal. The ground survey work we’ve completed has identified these trees and means we are able to ensure they are replaced under the guidelines of our revegetation compensation. Some species include Camphor Laurel, Brushbox, Jacaranda and Lillypilly.
  • 13 trees previously recorded as requiring removal are not actually present. Crews have walked the light rail route to conduct surveys and we can now confirm that these trees are not present in their respective locations.

Our summary of the report is available at the top right of the page. The full report is available on the Sydney Light Rail website.