Exhibition remembers battle of Crete and the Greek campaign

15 April 2016

The latest exhibition in George Street’s Light Rail Activation Program space will honour the actions of brave Australians who fought in the Battle of Crete and the Greek Campaign.

The showcase of historical images goes on display tomorrow until Friday 22 April, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the battle.

It features 11 images and stories, provided by the Australian War Memorial, about the events of the battle and the men and women who served alongside Greek soldiers to fight against the German invasions of mainland Greece and Crete in 1941.

Visitors to the outdoor exhibition can view the photographs on George Street, between King and Barrack streets, on three large outdoor cubes.

In April 1941 a large group of troops, known as the Second Anzac Corps, was formed out of the Australian Sixth Division and the New Zealand Second Division to resist the Nazi invasion that swept Europe during the Second World War.

More than 17,000 Australian men and women served in Greece and Crete to assist with the campaign against Germany and fought a fierce battle that resulted in thousands of causalities and the capture of almost 9,000 troops, representing 83 per cent of the Australian soldiers captured during the Second World War.

Though many Australians were killed or captured during the battle, a number of troops evaded enemy forces and were supported by the Greek people who risked their own lives to hide Australian troops for months, and in some cases years.

As a result of protecting Australian troops, tens of thousands of Greeks were killed by Nazi forces in retaliation.

This exhibition honours the actions of the brave men and women who fought to protect the Greek people and their lands.

The Light Rail Activation Program space is on George Street, between Martin Place and King Street, until 18 June 2016 and includes a diverse range of activities and exhibitions for those visiting the Sydney CBD.