Summer construction ramps up in Kensington

29 January 2017

A significant amount of work was successfully completed in Kensington over the summer break. The construction team took advantage of lower traffic volumes to install light rail tracks at two key intersections on Anzac Parade.

Track was installed at the intersection of Barker Street and Anzac Parade through 24/7 work from 26 December and was completed on 9 January. Work then moved to the intersection of High Street and Anzac Parade, where track was installed and work completed on 20 January 2017. Work on the Day Avenue intersection will start on 3 February.

In zone 29, Anzac Parade between Todman Avenue and High Street, road arrangements have changed with traffic moving to the east side of the road to make way for light rail work which has now moved to the west side of the road.

In zone 28, clearing of the central median strip is almost complete on Anzac Parade between Abbotford Street and Todman Avenue in preparation for work starting in this section of Anzac Parade in February 2017. For the latest construction notifications please visit