Randwick work update

30 July 2017

More than 1.4km of single track is now in place on Alison Road between Darley Road and Wansey Road, and construction of the new substation is almost complete. Construction of the new light rail stop on Alison Road near Wansey Road is also underway – one of the first stops to be constructed on the alignment.

In the coming months work will start on installation of poles and overhead wires, and then communications, signalling and electrical cables in the ground. With this infrastructure in place crews will move into energisation of parts of the route in the Randwick area and then testing and commissioning.

On High Street in Randwick, important utility work is continuing. With one gas relocation complete, a second is now underway. Work has also started on a major stormwater crossing near Eurimbla Avenue. At High Cross Park, the structure of the underground substation is now being built and work on the floor and walls taking place.