Randwick one step closer to light rail

8 February 2016

Construction of the Sydney CBD & South East Light Rail will begin in Randwick this week, including the relocation of approximately 40 trees for replanting.

Crews will establish the first major construction worksites in zones 23 and 24 on Alison Road (Anzac Parade to Darley Road and Darley Road to Wansey Road), starting with the relocation and modification of underground utilities.

Significant construction work is expected to be underway by April.

CBD Coordinator General Marg Prendergast praised crews and customers for their efforts in ensuring the light rail project was on track.

“After a successful start on George Street, in the CBD and a lot of preliminary work across the route, I’m really excited that crews are now ready to progress major work on Alison Road in Randwick,” she said.

But before any construction work commences in the zones, around 40 trees on the north side of Alison Road will be relocated to a local nursery and maintained for replanting.

“We’re pleased to be working with Randwick Council on transplanting a large portion of the trees on Alison Road that can be replanted along the light rail route, or at an alternative location, decided by the Council,” Ms Prendergast said.

“I want to remind residents that construction work in this area will be ongoing for a number of months and we will be doing everything we can to maintain local access, minimise disruptions and ensure people can still get around the local area.

“We are minimising the impact to residents and the wider community as much as possible by completing the majority of work during the day and by keeping Alison Road available with two lanes generally open in both directions to keep traffic flowing.

“Construction will be staged to ensure it is efficient and zones won't be occupied unless crews are working. Zones will remain open to through traffic at busy times, with reduced capacity and full closures concentrated to weekends and overnight.”

The work will involve various localised traffic and pedestrian changes, including pedestrian and cyclist detours and progressive removal of on-street parking to manage traffic flow.

“As construction progresses and activity changes along the two zones, we will continue to notify residents and ensure the wider Randwick community know the best ways to get in and around the area and access key destinations such as Royal Randwick, Randwick TAFE and Centennial Park,” Ms Prendergast said.

“We are looking forward to seeing the enormous effort put in by our project team in the city centre replicated in the south east.”

Light rail construction work in Zone 23 and 24 is planned for completion in December 2016. latest works notifications, visit the Sydney Light Rail website.