Randwick construction update

27 September 2016

Preparations have started for the construction of a protection slab over the existing drainage culvert in Alison Road adjacent to the entry into the Randwick Stabling Yard. This will involve the installation of piling machinery inside the Australian Turf Club boundary, near the intersection of Doncaster Avenue and Alison Road.

In zone 24, Alison Road between Darley and Wansey Roads, traffic has now switched to the other side of the road. Work is now concentrated on the southern side of Alison Road, along the boundary of the Australian Turf Club. Clearways are in place in this section of Alison Road.  

In Wansey Road, the majority of utility work has been completed and temporary sheet piles have been installed to allow construction of a new retaining wall along the alignment. Utility investigation works are now underway on High Street.