New track in place

31 May 2017

New light rail track is now in place outside World Square in zone nine, George Street between Liverpool and Goulburn Streets. This is the first track in the south of the CBD and it will soon be followed by track in other nearby zones.

With the new track in place, more than one kilometre of track is now installed in the CBD alone – a great milestone for the project.

Work started in zone 13, Eddy Avenue, and in zone one, Circular Quay east of George Street from Friday 5 May. The worksite in zone one will be minimised during the Vivid Festival to allow for the high volumes of pedestrian traffic during this time. A full construction site will be established in this zone after the festival.

Weekend intersection work was carried out at Pitt Street, Eddy Avenue and Rawson Place during May, in preparation for the start of work in zone 12, Rawson Place between George and Pitt Streets, from Saturday 10 June. With start of construction in this zone, 30 of the 31 construction zones will be occupied across the 12km alignment.

Ongoing intersection work has continued at the intersections of George Street with Liverpool and Hunter Streets during May. This important utility work is necessary in preparation for track being installed at these intersections later in the year.