29 June 2017

Sydney’s newest light rail vehicle was put through its paces last week as dynamic testing began in France, proving a resounding success.

The first test took place at Alstom's test facility, which saw the Citadis X05 travel along a 750 metre test track and reach speeds of 70km/h.

The vehicle will continue to go through extensive testing with the first of the 30 vehicles for the CBD and South East Light Rail due to arrive in Australia in a few months’ time.

Each light rail vehicle will be able to carry up to 450 people, equivalent to up to nine standard buses with a capacity of 13,500 passengers per hour. This will mean less congestion on Sydney’s roads and faster travel times. 

The vehicles will further minimise the impact to the environment through energy efficient permanent magnet motors, LED lights, sensor-based air-conditioning and by being able to capture and recover 99 per cent of energy used from braking. At the end of their life the vehicles are 98 per cent recyclable.