Major milestone

31 October 2017

The first overhead wires were installed in the Randwick Stabling Yard during October, ready for the first phase of testing and commissioning. In the New Year, the focus in the yard will be on the installation and testing of the light rail systems.

Track installation is progressing quickly in the stabling yard, with almost 80 per cent now in place. It is expected that track will be finished in the yard by the end of November. Civil construction work will be completed over the coming months, including roadways, the maintenance shed and the operational control centre. Landscaping will be carried out to the end of the year.

With the testing and commissioning phase now underway in Randwick, finishing work is now taking place in Zone 24, Alison Road between Darley and Wansey Roads. Final surface treatments and finishing work will start soon, including installation of new traffic signals along Alison Road.

Now that the first track is in place on Wansey Road, work to prepare the rest of the zone for track installation is taking place. Installation of overhead wiring poles will be carried out at night, along with road work in this area. Kerb and footpath reconstruction will also take place on Wansey Road throughout November, and new traffic signals will be installed at ATC Gates 10 and 12.

During October, the first tracks were installed in High Street near the Sydney Children’s Hospital. In this area, track is being laid in a single direction at a time. This arrangement ensures access to the hospital can be maintained at all times. Utility work at the intersection of High Street with Botany Street is progressing well and is expected to be substantially complete by the end of the year.

At High Cross Park, the structure of the new substation is taking shape, with roof installation the focus of construction works in the coming weeks. The construction site will be expanded within High Cross Park temporarily from early November. While more of the park will be fenced off for construction, it will be reinstated at the completion of work early next year.