Light rail tunnel progress

20 December 2016

It’s been a busy month of construction in Moore Park with the light rail tunnel taking shape.

During December the walls of the cut-and-cover section of the tunnel, which will travel under the Moore Park playing fields, were installed.

The tunnel walls were constructed in eight sections. To construct each section, steel reinforcement was installed and enclosed by a formwork system. The concrete was poured in by pump, with a pipe then dispensing the concrete to the bottom of the wall and rising with the concrete level. After several days, the formwork was removed to reveal a new section of wall.

The section of tunnel that will travel under Anzac Parade has also progressed this month, with the successful installation of the tunnel roof in early December. In this section, the tunnel is being constructed from the roof down, so that Anzac Parade can be reinstated more quickly and traffic can be returned to the road in mid-2017.

Once traffic has returned to Anzac Parade excavation under the roadway, beneath the tunnel roof, will begin. Construction of the light rail and the stop on the eastern side of the road will also start.

With expected completion in late 2017, the tunnel will connect to the Eastern Distributor Bridge and emerge at a future new stop near Sydney’s Football Stadium and Cricket Ground.