Kingsford to benefit from new construction schedule

22 June 2016

Light rail construction work expected to start in July on Anzac Parade has been shifted to mid-August to minimise the impact on the community and university students.

The section of Anzac Parade earmarked for the next phase of construction in the South East (Zone 30) will now be completed in two parts, with the first part from Rainbow Street to Barker Street to start in mid-August and the section between Barker Street and High Street to begin later this year.

CBD Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said the construction schedule had been shifted to minimise disruption to the Kingsford community as well as University of NSW students.

 “Work along Anzac Parade between Todman Avenue and High Street (Zone 29) is continuing to schedule, and as we foreshadowed, we have some flexibility to reshuffle the schedule slightly to allow ALTRAC to allocate its work crews where they can be the most effective at a given time,” Ms Prendergast said.

“This shift means construction in front of the university will be pushed back until the end of the year, which will reduce the traffic impacts on commuters along this section of Anzac Parade for the next few months and will allow construction crews to continue the great work already underway in the South East.

“We’ve always said as construction progresses we will look for ways to make improvements and this move is a necessary reshuffle to complete this complex build while minimising the impacts.”

Ms Prendergast said Transport for NSW has been working closely with Randwick City Council and local businesses and was excited to launch an events program specifically designed for the South East in the coming months.

“In the coming weeks we will launch a Kensington shopping guide compiled by Urban Walkabout and work will begin this week on the Kingsford dining guide to be released in a couple months,” Ms Prendergast said.

“We want to highlight all the amazing local businesses in the area and to ensure the community know that even though light rail construction is underway, this precinct continues to thrive.

“We are dedicated to supporting businesses during construction and as work progresses we will be facilitating more events to promote this busy hub of the South East.”