Kingsford and Kensington update

30 November 2017

Kerbside work is now in full swing in Kensington and Kingsford as crews work to underground the electrical and communications connections to properties along Anzac Parade.

This will allow the replacement of old electrical poles with new smart poles, which will both support the wiring for the new light rail and provide lighting over the roadway.

The worksite in Zone 29, Anzac Parade between Todman Avenue and High Street, will be moving from the centre of Anzac Parade to the kerbside.

This will allow utility work along the kerb including stormwater installation, as well as pavement construction and smart pole installation.

Construction works are now full steam ahead in the northern end of Zone 30, Anzac Parade between High Street and Rainbow Street.

Significant progress has been made across Zone 30 with the installation of new stormwater pipes, an important part of future-proofing infrastructure in Kensington and Kingsford as we build the light rail.

Work is underway on the northbound bus layover area, with the aim to commence construction on the southbound carriageway bus layover in early 2018.

Work around the Nine Ways is progressing well with the next stage of construction to be implemented in early 2018 to build the remaining pieces of track slab across the intersection.

Beyond the intersection, the Kingsford Terminus is also progressing well with the first pre-cast walls of the new substation installed this month.