Kensington and Kingsford construction

3 October 2017

Track installation is forging ahead on Anzac Parade in Kensington and Kingsford, with more than 3.6km of track now in place. This demonstrates significant construction progress along this section of the alignment.

It also signifies the approaching end of track work along major parts of the alignment and a shift of efforts to kerbside works. This includes undergrounding of the electrical and communications networks to enable the replacement of the old telegraph poles for Anzac Parade. The new poles will support both the overhead wiring for the light rail vehicles and the street lights.

There will be some disruption to footpaths and pedestrian movements to enable this work to take place safely – please follow any detour signage in place.

The next stage of works for the Nine Ways intersection will take place in the coming weeks, involving re-configuration of the northbound lanes on the northern side of the intersection to allow for construction of the light rail track. For a period of two weeks during this work, traffic lanes will be divided from Gardeners Road to just south of Strachan Street and the bus stops at Nine Ways will be moved. The work is being carried out during the university and school holiday period, when vehicle and pedestrian traffic volumes are lower, to help minimise disruption.

Alongside the construction work on this part of the alignment, a new public art installation is transforming the streets with sculptures, street art, outdoor furniture and landscape designs, creating fresh spaces for the community to enjoy. Artworks are being installed now and over the coming months – for more information visit the My Sydney CBD ArtMoves page.