11 April 2017

A first look at the design of CBD and South East Light Rail stops has been unveiled today, giving Sydney a taste of its public transport future.

Andrew Constance Minister for Transport and Infrastructure inspected a full-scale prototype of a future light rail stop saying it has been carefully designed with the customer in mind.

“It is great to be able to take in the full experience of one of 19 light rail stops destined for the CBD and south east,” Mr Constance said.

“We’ve purposely built this as a life-size test to demonstrate the architectural design and finishes, experience all the individual elements and features and test the overall customer experience. 

“We’ve had specialist architects design each stop along the route and we can see today, that along with our vehicles, when light rail is operating in 2019, Sydney will be a world-class leader when it comes to seamlessly integrating public transport into our urban environment.

“The stops have each been designed to suit individual locations and complement their surrounds such as heritage buildings, local built and natural environments while ensuring they are fully accessible and user friendly,” Mr Constance said.

The light rail stops will each feature bronze canopies to provide protection from the elements, seating, integrated and convenient ticketing and electronic systems and will be crafted from materials that reflect Sydney’s civic tradition.

World leading Grimshaw Architects have designed the light rail stops having won more than 200 awards for their work around the world.

The first stop is expected to be built on Alison Road in Randwick over the coming months.