First light rail tracks cemented in place

11 August 2016

The CBD and South East Light Rail project reached a major milestone today with the very first light rail track cemented into the ground in Kensington.

The concrete pouring for the track slab completed the process of the first track installation for the project.

Earlier in the week, the rail had been delivered to the Kensington construction site and lined up, with steel reinforcement, remaining conduits and drainage installed.

With the rail adjusted into final position, NSW Premier Mike Baird and Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance had the honour of pouring the concrete to cement the tracks in place.

More than half of the 12 kilometre light rail route is expected to be under construction by next week, with work underway in 15 of the 31 zones.

Light rail will move up to 13,500 customers in both directions between 7am and 7pm and when combined with express and local bus services, will bring increased transport capacity of up to 30 per cent in the morning peak.

The CBD and South East Light Rail will be completed and operating in 2019.