Experiencing tomorrow’s light rail today

18 December 2015

Sydneysiders can take a look into the future of the CBD, with virtual reality vision of the future CBD and South East Light Rail unveiled today.

CBD Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said the vision can be viewed by the public via virtual reality goggles at the pop-up space in the George Street light rail construction zone from today until Christmas Eve.

“Light rail will modernise the transport network in Sydney’s CBD and South East,” Ms Prendergast said.

“Seeing what this will look like today has cemented the fact that this world-class transport system will transform Sydney. You can sit and look around 360 degrees at what light rail will look like on George Street near the Queen Victoria Building. Without buses dominating the landscape, or overhead wires, the historic buildings and pedestrian boulevard take pride of place.”

Ms Prendergast said one of the great benefits to the CBD from the project will be the environmental friendliness of the light rail vehicles.

“Moving up to 13,500 commuters across both directions during the peak, the 67-metre light rail vehicles will accommodate around 450 passengers, the same capacity as nine standard buses.

“The vehicles keep noise and energy consumption to a minimum; being four times quieter than car traffic and using 10 times less energy than a car (per passenger kilometre).

“These vehicles will also feature advanced technology such as electrical braking that conserves up to 99 per cent of energy consumption, and they are almost 100 per cent recyclable at the end of their life span (30 years).”

Sydney’s future 12km light rail route from Circular Quay to Randwick and Kensington/Kingsford will feature Citadis X05 light rail vehicles designed by global rail transport supplier Alstom.

Ms Prendergast said Sydney will join more than 50 cities worldwide that use the vehicles, which are designed to maximise safety, accessibility and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

“The vehicles will be designed to maximise comfort and safety with large windows, ergonomic seats, CCTV and improved accessibility with double doors for efficient boarding and disembarking and dedicated areas for wheelchairs and prams,” Ms Prendergast said.

“We are looking forward to providing an enjoyable, environmentally-friendly commute for passengers from early 2019.”

The virtual reality vision created by Grimshaw, the architects for the CBD and South East Light Rail project, will be on display at the Samsung pop-up space outside Myer on George Street from 18 December to 24 December 2015.