Construction kicks off in Kensington

2 May 2016

Those who live, work and travel in the South East are being asked to prepare for change as light rail constructions starts on Anzac Parade in Kensington on Saturday.

Construction will take place between Todman Avenue and High Street (zone 29), and will include the permanent removal of the centre lane in both directions and conversion of the two dedicated bus lanes to 24-hour general traffic lanes.

CBD Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said delays were expected and urged drivers and bus customers to allow extra travel time.

“If people can re-time their trips to outside the busiest peak periods, it will help to keep traffic in the area moving,” Ms Prendergast said.

“People should also be aware that many of these traffic changes will be permanent. The removal of the bus lanes will mean off-peak parking in the area will be permanently removed and clearways established.

“By removing this parking and establishing clearways, we can allow our construction crews to continue working in this narrow site with minimal disruption to traffic.”

Work in this area also requires the removal of the city-bound bus stop on Anzac Parade outside of Caltex (between Doncaster Avenue and High Street), with alternate stops located a short distance to both the north and the south. The compound site and site office located at the rear of the UNSW carpark near the National Institute of Dramatic Art will also be established.

Randwick City Council will be introducing angled parking in a number of streets adjacent to the light rail route, including on Addison Street and Roma Avenue in Kensington.

Loading zones are also being introduced at intersections along Anzac Parade to accommodate delivery vehicles.

The current speed limit will remain in place on Anzac Parade and taxis will be permitted to drop off passengers.