CBD weekend intersection work

29 August 2016

Weekend work will continue at selected intersections in the CBD throughout September, allowing important work to be completed without disrupting weekday peak traffic.

The work often involves 56-hour closures (late Friday night to early Monday morning), during which the construction teams excavate the surface of the intersection, carry out their work, and then re-surface the road again for the Monday morning peak. This ‘surgical’ approach has been likened to open heart surgery on the city’s roads.

Work at the intersection of George Street with Bridge and Grosvenor streets will be continuing most weekends until late 2016.

Work will also take place at the intersection of George and Liverpool streets and George and Alfred streets over weekends in September and October.

Those moving around the CBD should always expect that traffic conditions have changed. Traffic controllers are in place at intersections and crossings to help direct pedestrians, cyclists and motorists safely around construction activities. Please follow the instructions of traffic controllers at all times.

Full construction notifications for all work currently taking place in the CBD are available on our interactive map.