CBD track installation continues

27 February 2017

More track went into the ground in the CBD in February, with rail installed in zone two on George Street between Alfred and Grosvenor streets.

Much of the CBD work in 2016 was dedicated to an extensive program of utility investigation, treatment and relocation. As this work is finalised in each zone, delivery of the light rail tracks along George Street will ramp up in 2017. The first tracks went into George Street outside Town Hall in December 2016, and zone two is the first of many zones that will receive track in the coming weeks and months.

Installation of track in zone two will allow us to change the construction site layout and introduce revised traffic arrangements in this section of George Street, before construction work starts in zone one, Circular Quay (between Loftus and George streets)  in coming months. A construction notification will be issued before work starts in this zone.

Weekend intersection works are continuing in the north of the CBD at the intersection of George Street with Bridge and Grosvenor streets, and Hunter and Margaret streets.

Investigation work has started in the south of the CBD, in preparation for work to start in the coming months, in zone 12, Rawson Place between George and Pitt streets, and zone 13, Eddy Avenue between Pitt and Elizabeth streets.