Cars gone as construction starts outside Town Hall

13 July 2016

Major light rail construction will extend from Circular Quay to Chinatown from tonight, enabling Sydneysiders to picture the future of George Street with vehicles permanently removed from outside Town Hall.

The beginning of construction on George Street between Park and Bathurst streets (zone 7) and from Bathurst to Liverpool streets (zone 8) will mean George Street is closed from Circular Quay to Liverpool Street.

CBD Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said the work marked a pivotal step towards transforming the CBD.

“Work in this area will complete the future pedestrian zone, which when the light rail is operational in 2019, will offer a 1.2km pedestrian boulevard along George Street between Hunter and Bathurst streets,” Ms Prendergast said.

“From tonight, we will also see the removal of the landmark diagonal crossing at the Park/Druitt and George streets intersection outside the QVB and Town Hall.

“This crossing has been operational since the 80s and to see this go as well as cars from George Street outside of Town Hall, means we can start to see this transformational project unfold and picture the CBD in 2019. It's really exciting.”

As a result of construction, George Street will be closed to general traffic between Park/Druitt Street and Bathurst Street and will be closed southbound between Bathurst Street and Liverpool Street.

George Street remains closed to traffic between Hunter and Park streets (zones 4, 5 and 6) and to southbound traffic between Alfred and Margaret streets (zones 2 and 3) in the north of the CBD.

Motorists who use George Street to access the Sydney Harbour Bridge should now use Hay and Harbour streets. To access the Anzac Bridge, motorists should use Liverpool and Bridge streets.

For more information about travelling in the CBD, including preferred driving routes, visit our interactive maps