Anzac Parade track installation

30 May 2017

Great progress has been made in zone 29, Anzac Parade between Todman Avenue and High Street, with more than 85 per cent of track now in the ground. During April the installation of track was completed at the intersection of Anzac Parade and Todman Avenue.

In zone 30, Anzac Parade between High Street and Rainbow Street, installation of track is progressing well and water main work is continuing throughout the zone.

Work will start on Anzac Parade, between Alison Road/Dacey Avenue and Abbotford Street in Kensington, from Friday 9 June. The construction site in this section will divide the two southbound lanes on Anzac Parade from 40m south of Alison Road to Carlton Street, Kensington.

Work in this section of zone 28 is in addition to work already taking place on Anzac Parade between Abottford Street and Todman Avenue. Utility work is continuing throughout this construction zone.